Saturday, August 31, 2013

August 11

Have your faith be bigger then your fear is a great attitude mama:) my faith has to be bigger then my fear everyday in the mission field or the mission just doesn't work. Okay so I guess I will start with last weeks email, even though I don"t know where to start. First of all this week I don"t know why but I have been thinking about my family more then ever and especially my siblings. I love my brothers and sisters so much and I miss them so much. Now for cooper, I am so happy to hear that he is safe because that was pretty hard for me to read that email, I am glad Dad is a worthy priesthood holder to give him that blessing, that truly is the power of God. The family reunion was probably so much fun, it always is and what a smile I had on my face when I looked at the pictures haha. We have an awesome family! I received a letter in the mail from Grandma and Grandpa and that was so very comforting to me and they are just the best haha:) I am happy to hear the reunion was great!
So I am going to have a niece or a nephew:) I cried when I read that email from Mckenzie and Jordan, I am so happy for them and I can"t wait to have a Lil Nephew;) I can't even express how much love I have for my family, and I remember Tanner saying this when he was gone to. I have a new perspective of the title of Family and I don't know how to express it but I love my family so much and I am so grateful God has a plan for us and our families. 

So last week we didn't email because Elder M was sick so that is why:) haha but he is doing much better now and we are back at it. He was sick Monday and Tuesday with the flu and i was surprised i didn't get sick! The typhoon in Bangui hasn't hit that bad today so we got the okay to go out and have our p-day so that is nice. This week has been really great and the weeks are just going by way to fast. I already have one transfer under my belt, An ba yan, Crazy huh? Elder W the other white elder is leaving Bangui and going to Sarrat as a Zone leader and Elder G is going to be training so he leaves tomorrow to Laoag to pick his trainee (brand new missionary) up, and Elder M and I are still companions and he got called as the District Leader. Elder M and I are still working hard, he is a lil lazy at times so I really gotta push but we work really well together and the work is progressing here in Bangui for sure. The language is coming a lot better now and especially this week because Elder M wasn't 100 percent healthy so I led the lessons and taught a lot more then I usually do which I liked because it strengthened my faith a lot with the Language. it is good that we still have Elder G at the house because he is the one that cooks haha but I am actually learning a lot from him so hopefully by the time he leaves or I leave, I will know how to cook. We are struggling getting referrals and new investigators but I know they will come. President just raised our standards for the week to a pretty huge goal of 5 new baptismal dates a week and 8 new investigators a week and 5 new investigators at church a week and 32 lessons a week and so other stuff but ya its hard work for sure haha but so much fun and I love my investigators so much, they are so awesome and most of their baptismal dates are coming up soon so I am very excited about that!

I wish I had a lot more time to write but I don't, I hope my emails aren't boring haha. But mama if you would like to send me a package then if possible, i do need some more ties and I have a whole bunch downstairs in the top drawer of that dresser, and also some deoderant like old spice or something because the kind here stains and then also a bag strap just for my side bag:) I am going to look for another long sleeve white shirt here but if you want to send that then you can but i figured that was a lil to much. But yes if you want to send me some candy that would be great:) riddle skittles:) and last thing, some ultra strength BenGay for my knee. The knee I had surgery on is fine and doesn't bother me much but I think I do have a torn mcl in my right knee but its okay I am promised good health during my mission so i know I will be fine throughout the mission so don't worry but I would like some Bengay because that helps a lot.
Dad sorry the email to you is so short!
Thank you mama and family for all of the great news!!! I sure do love all of you and appreciate all of your examples to me:) 

Mahal ko kayo at ingat lahat

Elder Clark

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