Monday, September 23, 2013

Laoag Zone Sept.18,2013

                     Cory is in the back row, third elder from the Left. He is wearing a lavender tie.
                                       A Huge Spider
                                       Beautiful blue water
                                       My companions on our p-day.
                                       My backyard.
                                       a palm tree
                                      Gatorade in a glass bottle.
                                       Our ward.
                                       Some of my favorite kids.
                                        A cool bridge.

Safe through the typhoon

Wow pops thanks for the great email I just do'nt know where to start. I guess first with the questions you asked me. So, the food here in the Philippines is delicious and let me tell ya dad, you will love these philippino dishes! I will have to make ya a lil somethin when i get back! I will start training on Friday so I haven't received my new companion yet and we dropped off Elder M, my companion at Laoag today because he is the new office elder. So right now me, Elder G and Elder G are a 3 companionship and me and Elder G leave tomorrow morning to Laoag for trainers training. I am super excited for sure but I am a little nervous I guess. Elder G is getting a follow up trainer and I guess he is just a big Samoan guy so I get to come back to Bangui to see Elder G and his new huge Samoan companion haha. Life is so great dad. I have received 2 packages now total so no worries I know all the packages will get here. Thank you mama for your diligence with that and sending off my medicine! Back to the food, the weirdest thing i have eaten is probably boiled cow skin or maybe dugo dugo which is meat cooked in pigs blood and only pigs blood. Dugo in tagalog is blood.
This week has been really crazy, we went to Laoag on Wednesday for a big zone conference with 5 zones and I was able to see Elder T my MTC companion! That really made my day! I love that guy so flippen much. Anyways, the zone conference was an all day thing really and it was a big training with president and we had to do a bunch of practice teaching, I actually was called up to do a practice teaching in front of the Elders and Sisters and I was really nervous and then right as I sat down the thought came to my head to just listen to the spirit and so that is what I did, and not one time in the lesson do I remember thinking about the elders and sisters who were watching and I just was zoned in with my companion and the investigators and the spirit and it was so strong and I don't know it, was just a really cool experience for me.
After the zone conference we were fed a bunch of great food and went home and then we worked all day Thursday and we worked only a half day Friday because of the huge typhoon and then we didn't get to work all day Saturday because of the big typhoon. Lets just say when it rains it rains and the winds were going crazy. It was a little scary but as long as we were inside it was fine. The weather stopped good enough for church on Sunday and then we had a baptism on Sunday and that was super great. It was supposed to happen Saturday but the weather postponed it haha.
Dad thank you for being a missionary and sending RB back with your testimony and a Book of Mormon. I love that kid so much and I know he has such a good heart truly. He is a good man and has a ridiculous amount of potential and with all that potential and with that big heart, there is just one thing missing, he has forgotten that he has a loving father in heaven who wants the very very best for him. What a blessing it is to know that literally God created this earth and created us and sent us to the earth and he has a plan for us here on earth to be able to return to live with him in his presence. One of the biggest things I have learned on my mission is that sometimes we just need to take a step back and get our head out of the worldly things and think about what truly matters. I do love this Gospel with all my heart and I know that these days are very hard but they are a lot easier when you have God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost as your back up. That is the strongest back up we could ever have. Through Gods plan for us we feel happiness, joy, peace, comfort, guidance, and much more and that is what truly everyone is looking for and wants in their life. I am blessed to be able to share this message with  these people here in the Philippines.

My family sounds like they are doing great, I have like no time to write again but I love you all and thank you dad for the great email. Coop I am way proud of you and I love you all my siblings, I hope you all know that! Sige po mahal ko kayo at kita kits dating lingo. love ya!

Elder Clark
Happy Days all is well

Monday, September 16, 2013

Sept. 15

 SO coop had a big run huh? 76 yards is a workout and a half for sure that is a great run. Coop your 2 and 0!! thats a great start little brother! I will send Jackson a little email for sure I bet he is pretty shaken up but good thing Jackson is the biggest stud on the Earth, i know he will be alright.
Happy Days all is well here in Bangui still. I am little nervous because Elder M is leaving and I gotta train but he has trained me well so i know I will be fine for sure. This is our last week together as companions and we have 1 baptism coming up this Saturday and we just said we are going to try and make it a really great successful fun week before he leaves Bangui. The work I feel like has kind of taken a turn here in Bangui, we re-split the area so the other Elders have more ground now to take and we are booted out to more of the Jungle types of areas so we decided to start working in the Jungle type of areas when I get my new companion because right now we are super busy just in Central Bangui and in the bigger little city type areas. It is really hard to explain how things work here in the Philippines with like cities and towns and transportation and stuff haha. I am way excited for this next transfer to train and just work more. It will be fun to go to some areas where missionaries have never been before. There are about 6 little barrangays (mini towns) haha that missionaries have never gone to. There is probably 350 people in each one. I dunno for sure but people just kinda live where ever here, i just have to go find them!!! As a companion with Elder M we have been lucky and most of the people we have taught have been through referrals so really referrals are just way easier because finding can be really difficult but it looks like i am about to do a lot of finding but thats okay because i can finally speak the language alright so i will be able to talk with people... 

Anyways for some reason today i am just way hyper so I am sorry if the email was really random but for real I know i say this all the time but I love the mission and everything that comes with it, even if it is washing my own clothes by hand haha. I was going to share a really cool story that happened this week but I have no time, I will share it next week, it was just with one of our investigators:) Anyways I know that Jesus Christ lives and that because of him we are able to feel not just any happiness but the happiness of God and for me that is one of the greatest blessings in my life. I love being able to feel true happiness. 

Mahal ko kayo lahat at sana magkakaroon kayo ay na Mabuting Linggo! INgat Kayo 

Happy days, all is well
Elder Clark

Sunday, September 15, 2013

September 8, 20143

Wow I really cant express how much I love my family. For real, I love you all so flippin much and I just smile everytime I read these emails. First off kayley and Tanner wrote me a great email today and that really made me feel good:) and also of course Colbies email was great because it always is! And mama you always send great emails and you are great at keeping me up to date with everthing.
 I am happy for my family and all that is going on! Blessings come as we are obedient. D&C 82 :10 I am bound when ye do what i say but when ye do not what I say I have no promise. He wants to bless us everyday and all we have to do is obey and if we do, he will bless us because he has promised those blessings to us if we obey but if we dont, there is no promise. That scriptue is Tanners favorite i am pretty sure ahah..
Hey i will send pics next week these computers wont let me send pictures!

So para sa akin, buhay ko ay sobrang maganda at mahal ko and phillipnies talaga and lahat ng tao dita rin. so this says haha so for me my life is so wonderful and I really love the Philippines and all the people here too. I have probably said that in every email but its true, for real, i love it here and I love the people even more.  Everyone says that Bangui is the hardest part of the mission and that is why there wasn't missionaries here for a long time because there was no progression. I am so happy i was able to open this area up with Elder M.  We truly have been so blessed by the Lord and he wants his work to progress here in Bangui and it is really showing. Bangui has not had a lot of baptisms for a really long time and I dont know why Elder M and I are being so blessed but we have had 5 baptisms and 1 this coming up Saturday and 6 more in the next month. The hardest part about getting baptisms here is getting them to church because they need to go to church 4 times before baptisms and they have to be in a row haha. well 4 out of 5. You can miss one. IT is really important here for them to gain a testimony of going to church. Anyways, I love it here in bangui and the Lord is blessing us and the people here are really warming up to us. Also a big project of ELder M and I has been to reactivate the less actives and we decided on 3 to start with that are men and priesthood holders and they used to be very active and one actually was the old branch president. Anyways, we have gotten with the Lords help, 2 out of 3 back and the 3rd is really close. You have no idea how much this has helped our branch here, we went from like 40 members a sunday to now pushin 60 and A lot because of these 2 less actives who have returned because now they are working with us and helping us reactivate other less actives.
I dont really know what to talk about becasue all i do is missionary work haha but yeah I can tell you this, I truly feel Gods love for me everyday and It feels so good and my life is really good and the spirit is strong and present in all of our lessons
Mama, I have recieved one of the packages so thank you so much i really appreciate it:) The new white shirt was way needed and the Rittle Skittles are really masarap (delicious) haha
So tagalog is great even though so hard. I can speak pretty well but i am far from fluent but the Gift of Tounges is true that is for real and very amazing.
Really quick i want to bear my testimony that truly The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true Church of God.  I am blessed to have been born in this Church and to have a testimony in it. I also know that our message and this Gospel is hard to believe and understand right at first because lets look at the facts, Joesph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and through Joesph Smith God restored his Church back on the Earth and most importantly his Authority to baptise and much more. THis is a hard message to believe 100 percent right off the get go, but the beauty of it all is that we can pray to our Heavenly Father and ask if it is true and he will tell us that it is true through beautiful feelings in our hearts through the power of the Holy Ghost. I am a witness, that I know that this Church is true and is Gods Church here today on the Earth because I have prayed and I have read the Book of Mormon and I can't deny the love the happiness the guidance  that I have felt through the Holy Ghost and i know for a surety in my heart mind and whole body that this Church is the true Church of God.
Happy Days, All is Well
Elder Clark:)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Sept 2, 2013

Hey pops, man it is so good to hear from my dad! I sure do love you dad!. I am so happy to hear of all the blessings going on at home and I know that the Lord is blessing you all everyday. Life is so good! I am way pumped for coop and the team! I am glad they are looking good i know coop will have a bunch of fun this year. Honestly that is the biggest part about it is to just play hard and enjoy and love the game you are playing and if you do that, then success comes. I will be honest, I do miss sports and just being able to ball haha! they play a lot of ball here in the Pines but we haven't as an apartment yet but pinoys love playing bball for sure! I don't have a bunch of time to email this week because i had to do another thing online for the President but I am way happy to hear about my siblings, they are all so amazing and so talented. I am excited for Mac and J to be in a house, that is so exciting and they are probably gonna get that baby room all decorated cool haha mac is gonna love being a mama for sure. Tanner and Kayley i miss from time to time because i spent a lot of time with them this last year ahaha but I know they are missin me too. I love Bret & Chels and miss Nik Nak so much. Coop is just my little brother who i love so much and i am proud of him and my mama and pops, you two are awesome and even though it is a lil weird hearing you say you are just so so so in love with mama, it truly is amazing and a big example to all of us. One thing that has really been drilled into my head since the mission is just how much i have learned from home and from my family and how blessed i have been to be raised in a home that i was raised in and how blessed i am for being taught all that i was taught. You two prepared me so well for the mission and i am very grateful for that. There are a lot of missionaries who really struggle out here but i truly have been prepared and I am blessed for that.

So i am still in Bangui and I still am loving it. The people here are just great even though sometimes real stubborn. We have a bunch of great potential investigators that we are going to visit this week and i am way pumped. So last week our whole apartment got sick and we were out of work for a day which really frustrated me because i just felt like a waste of a missionary but its all good because i am healthy and back at it now. So transfers are in 4 weeks and we had interviews with President this week and he basically just layed out some of my future for me, and he said that I will be training in 4 weeks and that I will also be the district leader here and he said that he really likes missionaries like me hahaha so yeah I am a little nervous to train and i was not expecting to be a district leader either but I am excited, it will be fun and I know that the Lord will give me the strength to do it. President B is a very funny man and he loves his missionaries and he really just lays out your future during the interview and he cracks a lot of jokes and just makes you feel good inside. He is a great President i am really blessed. Well I took some money out my account from home, i think about 120 dollars but I am not totally sure! Just letting you know:)

The language is seriously really coming along and I can speak tagalog and I am really being blessed. Elder M makes me lead the lessons and lead our area which I really like because It gives me a good challenge. Anyways I have to go but I love you all so much and Family: Missionary work is for everyone so please try your best to do your missionary work there at home, and I know that you will be blessed i can promise you that. 

Elder Clark

Ingat Kayo