Monday, April 7, 2014

March 9, 2014

 My life is so good and I cant explain how and why it is so good. I love being a missionary and I love talking with people in Tagalog and Hilikano and I love sharing this message that we hold as members of this Church. The happiness i feel as a missionary of God is real and true. To be able to wake up and feel happiness and also go to sleep and feel happinesss is such a big blessing. Of course there are times where i struggle and I am firusturated or sad but the best part about it is that I can pray and literally everytime I am sad and then I pray, i feel happiness right away and I know that is because Jesus Christ died for me and not just for my sins but for everysingle expieriance and feelings that i have felt and will every feel. This Gospel is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and every ear will hear this message and I hope that when people get the chance to listen to the Missionaries that their heart is open because I know that if the have an open heart and an open mind to this message then they will come to know for themselves of the truthfulness of this Church and then their life will change for the better and they will feel true happiness everyday and they will feel closer to their heavenly father and they will no of a surety that they are a child of God and he has a plan for them. This Gospel is a amazing and I love being a missionary for the Lord. This is the biggest and best responsibility that I will ever have in my life i think:)

So we got transfer calls this week and I was really hoping that I wouldnt recieve a call but I am and I did! I am transfering out of Santa Teressita and I will be going to CLaveria and I will be opening a new area! President called me on friday and told me that i was transfered and then he asked me of I am ready to open up a brand new area and of course i said i was ready haha. I am really excfited and I will be the District Leader down there and my new companion is Elder A:) he is an american and he is still super new. I think this is his second area and he just got finished being trained so he is only 12 weeks in the Philippines. I am really excited because I know i have a bunch of work ahead of me and I know that the Lord wants me here in Claveria. I actually have a chapel again though which is cool but the only thing is that my area is pretty far away from the chapel but its all good because faith brings miralces:) 

I sent a lot of pictures to you so you can see what has happened over the last week! TY got baptized on saturday and he is the man who has been taught for many years by a bunch of missionaries and we were just the ones to finally see him be baptised. It was pretty difficult to teach him at first but then with a couple good lessons with the Spirit, he desired to be baptised and come to church. I paid for his fix in his motor because he had no other way to go to church but the thing is that not that is motor is fixed , he is taking other people to church now too so thats super sick. Also i just paid for a wedding for out coule ivestigaotrs here and I have a picture with them so you will see them but they will be getting baptised in a couple weeks so we are super excited. 

Elder V will be trainging and so he is way pumped and i am too because Elder V is such a G and is a great missionary for sure and he will train great. HIs companion is super lucky though because he is about to have like 10 baptisms here in the next month so he will really enjoy that, i am really excited for Elder V he is a great companion. 

LIfe is great and I get to go work with Elder T tonight for just tonight because i will be sleeping at his apartment, so i am excitecd for that for sure haha. 

I dont really know what to say except i got a good haircut today by a bunch of gays that dress literally like woman and they try to have women body parts and they called me handsome and perfect like 100 times haha but for real even though they are cross dressers and it freaks me out, bottom line is that they give good haircuts and thats why i was there haha.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and I love you all so very much and I am grateful for the Family that I have. I will proabably have a bunch of news next week, sorry for the pangit email!

Mahal na mahal kita at ingat kayo lagi at excited ako para sa yung susunod emailing session natin! Dad, magaling talaga kayo at maraming salamat para sa inyong halimbawa ng kasipagan. Alam ko na yunf dahilan ne bakit talaga masipag ako ay dahil ang mga magulang ko:) Mahal Kita:)
Happy Days, All is Well

Elder Clark

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