Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September 16,2014


Mama, thanks for some of the things that you have shared it really brought me some peace. I love you all and I miss my family that is for sure. I have had a pretty crazy week but it has been really good as well. Elder H and I are doing great and just loving the work and we are really building a great friendship.

I want to reply to some things that you have shared though first before I talk about my week. I am way excited for tanner and kayley and their adventures ahead, I love them so much. hey big brother if you you could try to sell that scooter for me but hey it probably wouldn't sell in this type of season right now so maybe we can just wait until I get home. Its up to you:) I have a new niece!! i was so shocked when i saw the picture of nikelle holding her baby sister, so many things have changed and i just got a lil emotional with seeing those pictures. I really am proud of my siblings. I am proud of Chelsie and Bret and of all my siblings really. I haven't read coopers email yet but I am excited to. I know he is way excited to get out of the MTC haha i remember i was really excited thats for sure. The mission goes by so fast and it is good but it is sad because i don't want to come home. I love the mission more then you think you know, it is the best talaga.

For your question with the package mama,  Maybe just some like chocolate or letters and pictures. Deodorant would be nice as well. I love the package you sent me and I really appreciate it. The jerky was amazing and we ate that in like 2 days but we appreciated it. haha. thank you for the letters as well. I sent you a letter last Monday so you should be getting it in about 4 weeks or so:) it is to you and dad.

Brother and Sister M were baptized and I just am so happy for them. I am so happy because I was the missionary that found them with Elder Erickson and I also was the missionary that witnessed the baptism so I was able to see all the changes with them and their family from the beginning and that really is the biggest blessing of it all. I cant describe the feeling when you meet somebody and then they just have no testimony yet and then you teach them and teach them and little by little they grow their own testimony and they come to church and the finally get baptized. I wish you could hear their testimonies that they shared after their baptism they were amazing and so powerful and just full of gratitude and love. I love being a missionary and their is no more compelling work than this, or any other work that brings greater satisfaction and I know this work is real.

Mama and pops, how are you two? happy:)? you seem that you are happy and I love that. you two are both very great examples to me.

Today we cleaned the house really good and I washed my laundry.... (by hand) of course haha.

OH YEAH, we didn't have work yesterday, we were told to go back into our homes because of the typhoon but we just didn't have power all last night so we cooked in the dark and did everything in the dark haha but those are memorable moments in the mission. The typhoon hit pretty hard but it didn't do to much damage and missionaries are safe and we are okay.

Life is good and I hope you like these pictures:)

Happy Days, All is Well

Elder Clark Sr.

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