Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6

Hi mama and family:)

Can we all just think about how much the family has changed since the time that I have left on my mission? Sometimes it is really overwhelming for me to think about because I dunno, i just have been so far away from the change and sometimes it just is hard to see that much change in the family and only see pictures. 

Siblings...... look at our family? look where we are at and where we have came from. can you remember when we were all jumping on the trampoline outside of douglas road house and then I would start randomly crying because i lost or my feelings were hurt haha. Is it not one of the best feelings to just see eachother happy and growing  and moving forward in life. I am so happy with all of you and I do for sure miss you all so much but I am grateful for your examples to me and I cant wait for the day where we all can be together again. When I talk about my family to investigators or whoever it may be I sometimes like to say that I have 6 bestfriends back at home and its my dad, mama, and my 4 siblings and they just happen to be my family as well. I miss my family and I love seeing the changes that I am seeing and I am happy. I hope you all miss me as well:) Chels, mac and tanner are all starting their families and that just means I cant be to far behind. Dont worry all be right there with ya before you know it. 

Hey there are going to be some changes with TRANSFERS. Suprisngly, I will be staying in Bacarra still and Elder H will be transfered. But the thing is, Elder H will open up a new area here in baccara so we are going to just split the area that we have right now in half and he is going to train a brand new missionary and I am going to train a new zone leader. My new companion is Elder M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) Elder M was in my district a long time ago when I was in santa terresita haha and we have been on a lot of exchanges together. Elder M is a filipeno and very very filipeno. He doesnt really speak english but that is so okay because I dont want to speak english at all. he is serioously one of the most humble missionaries I have met and I am so excited to work with him. We already know eachother really well so that Is why I am excited. It will be a great transfer. Also Elder E just got moved to my zone as well and he will be the district leader so we will be able to do exhanges which is way great. Elder E was my first companion here in Bacarra if you dont rememeber. Anyways we are super excited for the change and it will be a great transfer.

I got one story for ya:) haha so our curfew as missionaries is 8. BUT, if you are in a teaching appointment at 8 then your curfew can be 9. But if you arent teaching anybody at 8 you should be home. WEll we were in a far area and we started the lesson at like 7;50nd it went untill about 8:40 and we were hoping it would have ender earlier but it didnt but we were about a 30 minute walk away home and we had 20 minutes to do so . We tried to call a tricee drive which is a motorbike with a side cart. and we tried to call some but all the ones around were drunk. Anyways, it was about 8;45 at the time and then we finally got one and on our way home about half way home the bike gets a flat tire so we didnt continue and there was no other vehicles around. Our felowshipper told us to just go home cause he knew we hada curfew but we were still like a 15 minute walk away with like 8 minutes to do so haha so we ran. WE SPRINTED! haha let me tell ya....... I am super out of shape, my pushups and situps in the morning dont really do much for the good ol body. We sprinted and while we are running to make it home on time Elder H is like crying cause he is so out of shape and I was breathing super hard and looking at my watch while sprinting haha and we got home right at 9:01!!!!!!!!! we were one minute late... ano ba iyon paano iyon!? but we repented so it is okay now. Then in our weekly goals we decided we are going to do workouts that get us back in shape haha.

I wish I could share all my expieriances and things that I learned from my mission with you but it just cant be done haha. Life is great though and we are teaching some amazing investigators at the moment and they really are starting to progress and it is always the best feeling to see the change in others. 

I love you all and I am happy that you had a great week and were able to be together as a family. Mama, I love what you said the other week that I make your heart smile, that has really stuck with me and those words made my week.

Happy Days, All is Well

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