Monday, July 8, 2013

June 22, 2013

Wow this email was really fun for me to read. Coop!!! I love you little brother so much and I am so proud of you. You are a such a stud and so talented. I really wish I could watch you play your senior year of football but Its all good, I cant wait to hear the news. Heavenly Father has really blessed you with some amazing talents and you have done a great job of using them. You are a great young man and I know you are a big example to a lot of kids and I love you little brother and miss you. So mama, I got the scrapbook and I love it! you really did an amazing job with that. You had pictures in there that really made my day. Thank you for putting one of all the aunts and uncles and cousins and my friends too! I have enjoyed looking at it! I have recieved my shoes and all the packages you have sent, including the medicine. If you would like to send me my wazzu baseball cap, I would really love that. But other then that you all have spoiled me so much since I have been here and I appreciate it! Much love family. I did get a letter from tanner and that seriously just made my day, I loved getting a letter from him and I am so happy to hear he is doing so well. I really miss my brothers but I am so glad they are doing well. Back to cooper, I am so jacked to hear about his success at camp, i know he will play college ball somewhere, he just has so much talent. I bet it was great seeing uncle odie and aunt sou nay. Tell the rest of my siblings that I am proud of them and love them too!
So for me, Tagalog is awesome. It is so mahirap (difficult) but i am improving everyday. yesterday Elder T and I went to teach our investigator and we really had the coolest experiance. We got in there and we sat down and we just started talking, like having a full on conversation about his family and his job and why we are here serving a missions and how are day has been and what we had done that day already. We talked about just normal things and it was really cool to see and experiance being able to just have a conversation with someone. We then started with a prayer and gave a great lesson and commited him to baptism, yes the investigators are just playing a role but it is still a really awesome experiance. Teaching is really fun even though it is hard. I feel like I need more time in the MTC because Tagalog is still super hard but its okay, I think i know a lot more then I think.
Being a Zone Leader has been a huge blessing and really fun. We dont have APs in the MTC so Elder T and I have had quite a bit of stuff to do this week but it really has been enjoyable. The new Elders and sisters that came in are awesome and they are all starting to get out of there shell and its always fun getting to know new people. As zone learders Elder T and I had the oppurtunity to sit the new districts down and just talk with them for a good hour and to just teach them what they need to know about the MTC but most importantly just make them feel welcomed and loved. I loved being able to share my experiances that I have had already and just to be able to give them advice and let them talk and feel the spirit. This week has really been a great week and I love the MTC it is a great place to prepare and I feel that I have already grown so much and its all because of the people around me and because of Heavenly Father.

So I GOT MY FLIGHT PLANS and I fly out of Salt Lake airport at 1130 am and then i fly to san francisco california and then from there to tokyo japan and then japan to manilla philippines. I CANT WAIT!! I am so pumped, hahah me whole district yesterday was just so excited to get the flight plans. Even though some of us are split up which is really sad because my district is like my family. They are with my pretty much all day everyday and we all have gotten so close witheachother.
Yes watch the broadcast, I am way excited and I will be in the choir by Elder R in my navy blue suit and i dunno what tie but for sure a fresh one. haha
Pamilyia ko, Alam ko po na totoo an simbahan ni Jesu Cristo at Alam ko po na mahalaga ang panalangin at pagbabayad sale ni Jesu Cristo. Mahal ko kayo at mayroon po tayong mabuti linggo!!
I lOVE YOU!!!!!!!

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