Sunday, December 29, 2013

December 15, 2013

Hello Family!!!

Another week here in Bangui and it was officially my last week here in Bangui. I am being transferred to the area of Santa Terisita and it is one of the farthest parts of the mission. I am going up more north then I already am. There are three sections of the Laoag mission they are Ilocos Sore Ilocos Norte and Cagayan and I am in Cagayan. I am away from Laoag city and really any type of nice buildings haha I am literally going to the poor and just far away jungle up north. There are probably 100 missionaries in Cagayan and there are probably only 10 that are white and the rest different cultures but mainly Fillipeno or pretty darkskinned cultures. I am super super excited and I really wanted to head out to Cagayan but a lot of Americans don't ever go out there but I am super grateful that the Lord put me out there. I guess the reason whites don't go out there really is because the people out there don't see white people ever and they say the mission is            just a lot harder out there. If you are close to Laoag then you are pretty spoiled but if you are really far away they just don't have much out there. I am way excited and my new companion is Elder T and he is the biggest Samoan in the mission right now and I met him before and he is way great and super nice. He just finished being trained and now we are companions so I have been out just a little longer then him but I am pretty sure we are just two regular missionaries and I am really excited to just work hard with him in a new area and with new people and just everything new. Although I love Bangui and I am sad to leave all these people and this area I am also excited for a change and a new start and just to work hard somewhere else with a new companion. The Lord knows me perfectly and I already know that my new companion and I are going to get along super well and I really wanted to go to Cagayan and just be out there with all the Fillipenos. 

The Christmas party was really great and I had a lot of fun, played ball and played ultimate frisbee and it felt super good just to play and be an athlete again haha and then we did our native dance and that was super funny and we did our skit and that was hilarious as well. Just know that your son was being himself during the skit and dance and if you understand what I mean by being myself then yes I broke out some awkward dance moves and improvised pretty much the whole skit haha it was way fun and a good laugh for sure. 

I have not received my package yet but I know I will so no worries. Life is super good and I am a happy missionary and I am excited for everything the future has in store for me in the mission field. The mission is the best thing that I have ever done and truly you become a man on the mission and that is for real, you go in a boy and think that you are a man and then you actually become a man and you know you are a man. Gosh I cant describe the mission and how much it just prepares you for everything in life. 

I don't have to much else to say but I probably will have a lot this coming up week. Send all the fam my love and have fun at the reunion and just enjoy your time with every single family member. I love you all and miss you all like crazy. 

Salamat para sa lahat, ingat kayo palagi 

happy days all is well
Elder Clark

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