Sunday, December 29, 2013

December 22, 2013

But hey mama  I have not received the Christmas package yet but that is all good, I know it will come and life is so great in my new area. WE HAVE A CHAPEL HERE! I am excited that I am not working in an area that is just a meeting house, I really like having a chapel it is real nice. I have so much that I want to share about my life right now and just my new area haha there are so many changes and its great. So first, my new companion is the man and we couldn't be more similar and we just click really well and I can tell we are going to be great friends. He is the first companion that I have had who is just very similar to me. You all know that is hard to find another kid even close to similar as me haha but naww Elder T is the man and a great Elder and we are having a blast.
When I first got here the apartment was way nasty and just needed a deep clean haha so that is what we did one of the first days I was here but the apartment is pretty nice, the only thing is that there is no running water so we just go to our neighbors house and use her water well that she has so that is nice. When I first got here as well I could tell that the Elders were really disobedient in a lot of things and that was hard for me at first because that is not me all but it is getting a lot better and the El0ders are starting to try harder for obedience. Elder T hasn't been out long.  When I got here I told him and bore my testimony about missionary work and obedience and he said that he would be exact obedient with me and I can't even express how fun this week has been with Elder T. We have bonded a lot and he truly has a strong strong desire to be obedient and help the Lord in his work. We got here on Tuesday and he was talking about how hard the area was and I told him that it wont be hard and that we will baptize and I promised him that and literally the last couple of days that we have worked we have found a family of 8 who are all eligible for baptism and also we have 6 set baptismal dates right now and we found 12 new investigators and we both had a lot of fun. Elder T did not really learn Tagalog that well his first 12 weeks but this week he learned how to teach the Restoration all in Tagalog and I am trying my very best to help him speak and it is so fun being his companion and just learning with him. Elder T is for sure supposed to be my companion right now in the mission and I am really happy. 

Also one more real quick story, one of the other Elders in the apartment said to me that the ward doesn't give referrals to the missionaries and that it is super hard to receive referrals but on Sunday I had the opportunity to introduce myself and bear my testimony and at the end of sacrament meeting I talked with two members and one gave us a referral for 2 families and the other member gave us a referral for the family next to his house. For missionaries preparing for a mission, obedience is key and I know that in your mission it is the way to feel true happiness and also the way to receive all the help from the Lord that you can. Of course members will not give referrals if they think the missionaries are not obedient but if you show them you are and hardworking then you will gain their trust to help their friends and family come unto Christ through his Gospel. I am not saying these things to boast about obedience I am saying these things to show that obedience is the reason that Heavenly Father is helping me and guiding me everyday in this work because he knows that I will work hard to fulfill what he wants me to fulfill. I love this Gospel and I love seeing the change in peoples lives. 

I cant wait to talk with you all on Christmas eve but Christmas day for me:) I love you all and I cant wait to see your faces!!!!

Ingat Kayo! 
Happy Days, All is Well

Elder Clark:)

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