Sunday, January 26, 2014

January 26

Wow this was a great email:)  Thanks mama for all the things you wrote, you are awesome.  So I am way sad right now because transfers are tomorrow and the best companion that i will probably ever have in the whole mission is leaving me!!! Elder T is getting transferred to Laoag so he is going from like really hard life out here and back to the city life in Laoag. I am going to miss this guy so flippen much. Elder T is the man and seriously we are so close, we have never even had a feeling of contention in our companionship and we have lived together for 6 weeks. Elder T is probably one of my best friends and for real I have been so happy as his companion and we work super hard, are exactly obedient but at the same time just laugh and have such a great time and we just work super well together. We both told President for the past like 4 emails to him that we wanted to stay companions but  I guess the Lord has a different idea. So i am staying here In this area of course and  I got called as a district leader here and that will be fun, I am excited to just work hard and do what the Lord wants to me to do. My new companion is a Filipino and his name is Elder V and I have heard pretty good things about him so I will be picking him up tomorrow and I am going to make him suffer by first thing walking to our farthest area and just getting to work. I figured it would be a great way to start things off:) I am excited for my new companion too and i know i will love him like crazy but i am gonna miss Elder T haha he is just the man.
So we went back to all the people in the new area and we had another big lesson and we also have a lot of new baptismal dates. It is about an hour and 30 minute walk from their area to the chapel but we said if they committed to church and they don't have rides then we will walk there in the morning before church and then walk as a huge group to church so we will see what happens. And when i say ride, don't think of a car haha what the have here is a motorbike with a big cart type thing attached to the back to fit a bunch of people in haha. THE PHILIPPINES IS SO COOL!!!!!! i am really in the coolest place on earth!
I am pumped to hear about what happens for the super bowl, the Seahawks better win! but I am way more pumped that coop dawg will be sending his papers in soon and he will be getting those back pretty soon. I really really hope he comes over here in the Philippines because they could use him over here hahah I hope he comes to this mission and then i will be his trainer and that would seriously be the coolest thing in the whole world haha:) 

Life is so good isn't it? One thought that always comes to my mind when I am a little bit sad or down is that I have 100 million more reasons to be happy then I do reasons for being sad and then I just find one of the million reasons of happiness to my life and I just change my attitude and I pray and it works every time. I am a super happy missionary just to let you know mama. MA, I love the Lords work and I am going to be a strong member of this church forever and I am going to marry in the Temple and I am going to be worthy priesthood holder forever. The mission is the biggest learning moment that I have had in my life and I have learned ridiculous amounts of things and I am going to just keep learning more and more.
Thank you mama for you testimony and I know you are going to be a great missionary someday and I know you are a great missionary now as well. Mama, thank you for supporting Colbie in everything she is doing right now as well in her life, I know sometimes it is really hard for her and just try to understand how hard Satan is trying to get her to stay home. It is really stressful for a person right before they leave on their mission but just thank you family for your love and support for her because I know it means a lot to her and it makes me super happy too! Colbie is a really special girl and she has a good heart and her desires to serve the Lord are strong ! So thank you family for all that you do for me and the support you have for me as well. This week has been pretty good but elder T was sick two days this week so it was a lil difficult to get a bunch of work done but its all good:)
I love you all and I hope you have an amazing next week and I am going to send some pics to you right now:):):)

Elder Clark

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