Saturday, June 1, 2013

Come Unto Christ

MAMA!!!! I miss you and the fam like crazy but I am enjoying my time as a servant of the Lord:) I wouldn't say that I love the MTC but I do love the spirit and I do love the Gospel and I do love everything that I have learned here. Through our Heavenly Father is the only way a missionary can be successful. I need my Heavenly Father to be able to guide me and help me learn this language. He is the only reason why I have been able to contain and remember and say what I have been taught. The language is coming along and I am starting to be able to put sentences together in my head and speak, but it just takes awhile. The language is so beautiful and I love learning it but it is easily the hardest thing for me right now, and I am sure Tanner understands that for sure. I have never been more challenged in my life, but I know that through my faith and following the example of Christ I can receive the blessings and promises that the Lord has provided for his Missionarys. I know that I am ordained of God to do this work. He has promised me the gift of tongues and I can already see that gift coming into my life. The Temple was so amazing and I can't wait to go again today. It is the one part of the week where I truly get to relax and just think and focus fully on the spirit and what God wants me to feel. In the temple I feel peace.
Thank you for sending my ATM card I appreciate that a lot!!! I am flossing and sulca brushing don't worry haha! I still love my companion haha we have the greatest times together and we just click so well. I am so blessed to have him. He is struggling a lot with the language but his faith is staying strong so he is still working hard. I know that we will get it.  There are a bunch of athletes in my Zone! There are like 8 Polynesians and they are all so spiritual, funny and of course athletic! It is fun having them around. My knee seems to be holding up good but I am trying not to play in games, I have just been shooting around because I don't want to risk it! Please send me a package full of just whatever! haha I don't even care what is in it. !!! I love your letters you send me on" dear elder" and I loved getting Coops letter!!! I am going to write him back today so he should get one in the mail this week!:) The mariners game sounded really fun and I am so happy you all had a great time! It was probably great to see Beth and Larry!
I want you all to know that what I am doing is for the Lord and for the people that he is preparing me to teach and bring unto Christ. I have learned so much hear and family, I want you all just to think about what the saying, "Come Unto Christ" means to you personally. He is the ultimate halimbawa/example. I love my savior because he is my JOY, he is my HAPPINESS, he is my STRENGTH, he is my PEACE, he is my BESTFRIEND. Through Christ and the atonement we can become clean and feel the feelings that we want to feel throughout our everyday life! I love you all so very much and you mean the world to me and I pray for all of you everyday. Families are the central point to Gods plan and I am so grateful for the family that I have and the most beautiful thing is that we all as brothers and sisters and fathers and mothers will live together eternally, and that is why Gods plan is so great. he knows us better then we know ourselves, so come unto Christ and figure out what that means to to you and stay strong, study scriptures as a family, and pray for charity "the pure love of Christ."
Mahal Kita po ang pamilya!!!!

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