Saturday, June 15, 2013

June 15,2013 from the MTC

magandang umaga Nanay at pamilia po ako
I am so happy. I am doing great and I have learned so much this past week I feel like. Everything is just starting to click a lot more and I am way less stressed and I just feel so good. It is crazy to think that I only have 2 weeks left in the MTC!!!! So awesome:) Singing in the choir at Devotional was way good and to my right in the picture is Elder R haha we are pretty good buddies. I love that you found a picture of me! Life in the Clark home sounds like it is going pretty great and I can tell that the Lord is watching over you all. We cant even comprehend the amount of love God has for all of us. he loves us so much and I feel it everyday. I am getting sick of the MTC food and I am losing my muscle and defintion but whatever, it is what it is. I will get it back when I get home haha. Anyways, the devotionals here in the MTC are on sunday and tuesdays and they are always such good talks. I cant even explain how motivating and spirtually uplifting they are to me. I alwyas look forward to them. Two of the districts in my zone have left into the field and one more is about to leave on sunday which will make my disitrict the oldest district in the zone which is crazy to think about! But I love meeting the new elders that come in and having the chance to help them a little bit in tagalog. It is crazy how fast you can learn a language when you have Heavenly Father helping. The Gift of tongues is so true. Koloob ng mga wika is what it is in tagalog. The sundays are always wonderful and it is a great day just to put aside language study and focus on the scriptures and personal study. personal study is the best part of the day by far. my classes are great to and I have the best teachers. i will miss brother M so much, we really have gotten close with him as a district. He is part of the reason my district knows so much tagalog as well. We are really blessed, he says that out of all the districts he has taught, we are above average on our knowledge of tagalog and that is so awesome and comforting to hear. All because of the Lord. Mama, you of all people know how well i did in school haha I am telling you right now that I am smart when it comes to tagalog all because of the help of the Lord. Elder T and I are enjoying are lessons. It is crazy to just say a prayer before we go teach and I am serious when I say this. I get into the room to teach and I just start speaking and Words just pop into my mind and the sprirt always tells me what to say and how to say it. The spirit always reminds me of the things I studied so hard to remember and yes my sentances are pretty broken but our message gets across and the spirit is always there and it is one of the coolest blessings I have expierianced. Elder T has improved so much this last week in speaking and it is acually his BDay to and I just love the guy like a brother. The new elders that came in last wednesday are great elders too. One of them played college baseball and for the last 5 gym times we have been playing catch outside because he brought two mits and  ball so I have been really loving that. Haha his name is Elder F and he is a Filipino actually. haha It will be great to see taylor Clark! it is always good to see peopkle that you know. I saw sister Hoyt the other day too and that was fun. I am happy to hear about Michael and I sure do love that guy so much. How is tanner doing in selling? you should tell him to email me. Will you send me a picture of NIK Nak please??? thankyou:) I loved your packages haha we have so much food in our dorm room it is crazy ahah so thankyou. Much appreciated. Dads package really made me laugh haha he is so funny. if you are going to send another will you please pack some more riddle skittles and starbursts? :) they really are my favorite! Thank you so much mama and pops and family for everything and all your prayers love and support. I am so happy I will get to talk with tanner in the airport! that is a tender mercie from the Lord! What phone should I call? I hope cooper does great in his camp and again i think it is so cool dad is getting his liscence for flying! I love the pics! I am going to send you some more pictures of me and the district that just left and also with Elder F. Well I have to go but I get to go to the temple today and I am super excited. i wish I could talk longer but I dont get much time at all!
Alam ko po na totoo an simbahan ni jesu cristo at pagbabayad-sala ni Jesu Cristo. Alam ko po no mahal tayo ng Diyos.
mahal kita :)
-Elder Clark

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