Monday, October 7, 2013

October 6, 2013

Nanay at pamiliya ko:) Kumusta po kayo lahat? mahal ko kayo talaga at nagmissmiss ako so inyo ngayon perro ang buhay ko ay sobrang mabuti at maramdaman ko ang pagmamahal ng diyos para sa akin araw araw:) haha I will let ya'll figure that out! Nanay, i am doing super well and thank you so much for the email, it always brings me joy:) so first, COOP, well done again lil brother and i am way proud of ya bro. keep up the good work and represent that last name baby!:) Thanks for all the pics, they made me really happy, it is pretty cool to see coopdawg in the paper like that i truly am a proud brother. I know that pops loves his plane, i am way glad he has that hobby in his life. I know truly that Heavenly Father is happy and proud of my dad, he is a great man. he looks so happy. I received the flash drive nanay so no worries! the medicine will get here and if it doesn't i know i will be fine, heavenly father gives his missionaries strength beyond our own and that is truth. Bret and Chels are awesome and Chels is such a great wife to go fishing with Bret, i am sure they had a blast. Uy! nakalimutan ko, Renden is going to be a great missionary you are right. That man right there has a heart like no one else and you can tell that he has a great relationship with his Savior Jesus Christ. He is a great example for me truly.
So for the mission talk....... Elder D is the flippen man and i love the Elder like a brother and a great friend. We have so much fun together and let me tell ya, when it comes to game time and we are in a lesson, the spirit is so strong every time and we just work together so well and heavenly father is blessing our companionship because truly we are powerful. We made some pretty big goals last week because when Elder M left me here in Bangui we had 5 baptismal dates and only 2 other investigators so Elder D and i were in some real need of some new investigators. So we made the goal to find 8 new and we found 16 new investigators last week. I haven't felt the way I do right now yet in the mission field. I am way way happy and I am having so much fun in the work right now. The work here is beautiful. Elder D is so magaling (talented) he really has taught me a lot of tagalog and we talk a lot in tagalog and his testimony and the way he teaches is so good and we just teach so differently but it meshes so well together and i love it, i wish you could come work with me for a day. Especially pops, i wish Dad could come to work with me one day and just be there with me and experience this. I love the mission and this work is real and true and it is not my work, or my mission presidents work or my companions work, it is the Lords work and is the most true and loving work on this earth and I know that everyone of Gods children need the message that he has that he is sharing through his missionaries and members of his Church because it is true and real.
One of our investigators is a filipeno from California and he speaks all english and hilicano which is a another language here which i have picked up a lil bit too. Anyways, he has been coming to church and he straight up bore his testimony in church and he is just an investigator and he just poured out his heart. He grew up in like ghetto cali and now he is here and has a family here and he just loves the happiness he has felt through this gospel so he just poured out his heart and bore his testimony and it was so powerful. Anyways, his name is C and he is getting baptized the 19th of October and he asked me to baptize him and he wants to get baptized in the Dagat ( the ocean). It will be a great experience and he is truly a 100 percent converted investigator and it has been the biggest blessing in my life to teach him and build a relationship with this man. His whole family now wants to listen so hopefully they will feel the same way soon too:)
I ate Balut, a half developed chicked still inside the egg. Alot of people think it is pretty good and others hate it. I am part of the others group, it was disgusting haha and mine was really developed haha so it had hair and i was chewing its bones as well hahaha it was a cool experience but the famous Balut is not masarap!
ALright i love you all and thank you for your prayers and love for me. I am blessed to be apart of a family like this. I love my family:)
Happy Days, All is Well
Elder Clark

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