Monday, October 7, 2013

September 29, 2013

This is such a great email!!! Thank you mama for keeping me up to date with my beautiful family!!! First of all no need to say thank you for my desire to serve, mama I should be thanking you and my family for all that you have done for me to be able to know how important life is to be close to our Savior Jesus Christ. I know I have had some amazing examples in my life and I still do. So I am way excited for Colbs:) that girl is so great and I know she loves this Gospel with all of her heart. She is a big example to me.....Man, COOP DAWG, I am for sure that paper would make me cry to if it made Tanner cry. I love my brothers and they truly are my bestfriends. Little BRother, I am so proud of you and I recieved the pre football season paper with your picture inside and now its taped to our wall in our apartment. haha I was way pumped when i saw that and read that. That game was probably so good, i wish i could watch the video but I am not allowed, i am sorry mama. Hhaha super tempting though but yeah its not allowed:( I sure do love my fam though. BIG brother, I miss you too like crazy and I know there are days you just want to hang out with your little brothers haha but man how great will be the day when we actually all do get to be with eac hother again, after coop gets home! MAC and J, I am so excited for you and i think they emailed me so i will email them back a little personal email but I love you both and yall are amazing.  Happy birthday big sister!  I love you.
So mama, I have recieved 3 packages and so I know the 4rth will get here:) try and send the christmas one a little before christmas or people might open it up. I dunno, just a thought. SO the news for the mission, I have a new companion and he is a Filipino and the Lord has truly blessed me with a great companion. His name is Elder D and he is sort of quiet but so so very humble and so excited to work and he is very powerful in our lessons. I am enjoying traning and I am enjoying speaking in tagalog pretty much all day! He is pure tagalog which means he was born in the place tagalog originated. He has already helped me so much in my language and it has inly been 5 days. haha He is pretty good in english but it is hard for him to speak but he understands all of it. He is way talented and such a funny elder. In our lessons I can already tell that we are going to be very powerful. What i like most is that we are friends and i didnt really have that in my last companionship, like just to become good friends. Elder D and me are going to have a great next 12 weeks and I am really hoping that the work keeps progressing here in Bangui. Elder G got a new companion, Elder T and he is a huge samoan which is the best thing ever haha so much joy in our home always and a lot of laughs. He eats like 5 times as much as all of us though haha
So in my package:) hhaha i really love starbursts the tropical flavor and rittles skittles and actually some chocolate like some candy bars. MIlky way, snickers, anything but it might melt but thats okay I will just stick in the freezer, thats what Elder G did. There really isnt choclate here so i kinda miss it haha. Church music is aloud!!!:) just needs to be on a flashdrive
Life is super good and I have to go but I love you all so much and I want you all to know that life with God is a lot better then life without him and I know we are all his children and he loves us all so much. Yesterday we taught two less actives and they are a big potential to come back to church and we were teaching them and at the end of our lesson i got the biggest prompting to tell them that being missionaries we dont want to just tell people to go to church or they need to read the scriptures, our purpose is to help people become more close to Jesus Christ and feel the true happiness God has instore for them and that we know that by going to church and scripture study and prayer and through the little things they can feel the true happiness and the eternal love God has to offer them.
I am not sure why I shared that but yep i did and I love you all and mama, you are the best mama in the whole world and I love you.
HAppy days all is well
Elder Clark

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