Monday, November 18, 2013

November 17

I love you pops and thank you for this email i do appreciate it. One of the best things about receiving emails from my family is that i can truly feel your love for me through the email. Thank you for taking the time truly every week to write me, i am way blessed to have my family.
There really has not been any effects here in my area from the typhoon except emotional damage. A lot of people are hurt and a lot of people are working through it. That is one thing about the Philippines people, they have each other and even if they don't have much they just give what they have and they truly are amazing people. Elder E received an email from his family today and his whole family is safe and okay :) he was very comforted to read that for sure and he is not totally sure how they are all okay but he knows they are and all alive and totally okay. The Lord is great and he loves his children and blesses those who keep his commandments.

Life is truly happy and why i say that it is truly happy is because the happiness from Jesus Christ is 100 percent different then the happiness of the world. I am truly happy and I know that me here in the Philippines is the exact place where i need to be in my life. So first, Tagalog for some reason just went to a different level this week and I am being supported and helped so much by heavenly father. He wants me to be fluent and he might want me to be fluent even more then i want to be fluent. Anyways, i am really getting to the point where i can just talk to anyone and say anything and just understand and have a conversation and it feels great. Elder De is teaching me so much and helping me so much and Elder E doesn't know much English and so we just speak Tagalog all the time. I don't know how i can speak Tagalog and sometimes i freak myself out when i speak because i just am speaking without really thinking of the word from English to Tagalog in my head, it is just coming out.. Gods promise to his missionaries of the gift of tongues is real and true and I love it. I love being a missionary and i love seeing the true change in peoples hearts when this gospel is shared and applied in their life. 

Story: So me and Elder D who is magaling na magaling went finding the other day and we were walking and we saw this lady just cooking up meat outside her house to sell to people and she called us over and we were talking and she said " missionaries like you came to my house a long time ago and i always let any church into my house to share with me their message but i will never forget the feelings that i felt when missionaries like you were at my house. i never felt those feelings with the other people but i will never forget how i felt when you were here in my house." This is another reason why i know that the message i get to share everyday is the message of God and of his Gospel. She was visited 8 years ago and she still remembers the feelings that she felt and i asked her what those feelings were if she could describe them and she just said happiness and we just kept talking and getting to know each other and she invited us to come back tomorrow to teach her and her husband and her kids and she is so willing to just listen and truly take this message to heart. This lady probably forgot all of the words those missionaries said but she didn't forget the feelings and i know those feelings was the holy ghost bearing witness to her that the message she heard was true. When people feel the spirit they don't forget that feeling, they may forget the words but the spirit goes a lot deeper then that and this truly was a huge testimony building experience for me. These type of experiences  keep me going and just working hard. I am way  tired all the time but I am happy and enjoying life and i always have strength to get things done and just enjoy it. 

I am happy i have a family here on earth and I love you all and keep doing great things and i am glad that our family here on earth is not limited for this time only but we will be together eternally. 

Thanks pops ulit and nanay mahal ko kayo did. kaya mo iyan. 

Elder Clark:)

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