Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November 3, 2013

Mama, I am way sorry to hear about Reggie!  That is super sad!  I hope that he comes home soon.  Gosh I love that puppy but if he doesn't then know he is in dog heaven...he is probably just super happy and having fun with other dogs.  Anyways, I feel like I have a lot to say today.  So about the sickness, Mama you are right that is for sure what I had and when I emailed you last Monday I wasn't completely honest, I still had a big fever but I just acted like I didn't and then on Tuesday I still had a fever and I tried to work but I went home early and Wednesday I worked all day but it was rough because of my sore body and especially my knees and then Thursday was worse because I worked all day Wednesday.  I could barely walk on Thursday because of the symptoms of the virus.  We didn't have to work on Thursday and Friday anyways because of the HUGE typhoon that came and hit!  MAMA, this typhoon was big and I was actually a little scared.  There were many telephone polls that crashed down and many trees and just stuff everywhere and it was a pretty strong typhoon.  Heavy heavy rain with fast winds.  We had a blackout for two days which is real hard to cook and no running water.  Luckily we had a well outside nearby so we could still shower and go to the bathroom and stuff.  It was just all outside in a little shack type thing haha.  There is a well and then a little toilet but no seat haha more of just a hole in the ground.  It is way fun when we have blackouts!  I love it!

One thing I have really learned here is just how to be happy without anything.  These people have nothing and they just live and survive day by day and it is truly amazing.  I was so blessed in my childhood and growing up.  For example, we have cars, we have nice bathrooms, we have toilets!  We have showers and warm water.  We have all types of food, we HAVE food!  We have houses and not shacks with a tin roof and we have clothes and a lot of them.  We are truly blessed.  I can't even explain how I truly feel about this topic of discussion.  I just know that the people here are amazing and I love them and I am so blessed for the opportunity to share the gospel with them and help them gain a relationship with their Heavenly Father.  I know that when I am home I will appreciate so many things, so many little things because of what these people have here and what we have been living like as well.  Life here is humble and life here is happy even though very difficult for these people.  Somedays even to just survive is hard.  But what they all have is family and they are humble and I love them to death and I love getting to know them and I love the message we carry because it brings pure joy into their lives and hearts.

I have to go but I love you all and I am sorry this email is not really that great but I will try to send a better one next week.

Pray always and don't just think you have to pray once or twice a day.  The power of a sincere prayer can and will comfort you and give you strength at anytime of the day.  I love being a missionary and I am so happy and excited for the beautiful Colbie Racobs and her mission in North Carolina!  She will be an amazing missionary and I just finished emailing her and gosh she is just so amazing and ready to serve and I know that she knows that this gospel is real and true and I know it too and I am glad that I have a family here on earth that knows that too.  I know that families can be together forever and live in the presence of God and feel all of his feelings for eternity.

Happy Days, All is Well!
Elder Clark

Oh by the way I am still in Bangui for another 6 weeks and I will be training Elder D still here for 6 weeks and then I will probably leave this area:( I am a little bummed to leave Elder D because we are super close and seriously best of friends.  We make a great team.  sige haha ingat kayo mahal ko kayo at madasal tayopalagi upang na maging mas malapit sa ama natin sa langit at upang na maging masaya din:)

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