Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November 24

My family:) kumusta po kayo? masaya ako and nagpapasalamat po ako para sa itong pakakataon na magemail sa inyo:) I am happy and  am grateful for this oppurtunity to email you:) That is what i just said haha, crazy words huh? This language really is a beautiful language and when you hear people speak it, it just sounds great. Mama, thanks for taking the time to email your son here in the Philippines:) Today has been a pretty great day for sure. I am way happy Elder Bednar came down to the stake center, that must have been a way special experience. Those missionaries are so lucky, they were able to bring their investigators to that, that was probably really powerful. I am glad that you all went and were spiritually prepared for it:)
There really isn't Thanksgiving here and if there is it was super small haha but Christmas is huge here and people had lights up and music playing in the beginning of October haha.
What is little brother getting surgery on? No turkey bowl for them? Sayang Naman! here in the Philippines they just call everyone little brother or big brother and i have been in a habit of it as well. I get called big brother or lil brother a lot throughout my day. That kinda just shows you how people are all just family here, I really love it here and I really love these people. The mission is way fun truly.
Coop! You are working your mission papers! Ano ba iyan? sobrang  ako para sa inyo talaga! I can't wait to hear where you will be serving your mission! Sana pupunta ka dito sa philippines! Hopefull you will come here! I wanna be able to speak Tagalog with somebody when I get home, I really dont wanna lose the language. Coop I am proud of you and your preparation. Keep moving forward buddy, we dont have time to move backwards. Move forward and hold to that rod. 

So transfers are coming up and I am probably leaving Bangui and I have been here in this area since the very beggining and mama you asked me if I want to leave or am ready to leave. I am ready but I dont want to leave. I have built a lot of great relationships with these people here and have had so many great experiences here in Bangui, I know I will really miss this area. But most likely like 95 percent chance that I am leaving Bangui. We actually have interviews with president this friday and I wouldnt be surised if he just tells me then what will happen to me haha he has the tendency to do that a lot. President is the nicest and just loving President that I could ask for. He is great. I am a little nervous to find out what will happen to me though. We will see! 

Mama, yes I do know how to cook and I really enjoy cooking. I am not super good and the other elders are way better then me but I have learned a lot from them. The only problem is that literally everything I eat is with rice so when I get home and cook, you best be ready to eat some rice:) I really love chicken curry and adobo and pinakbet and mongo and sinagang haha really just whatever but they are really good. We eat a lot of fish and the fish here is super good and I love it for sure.

So as for Bangui we broke our record again for attendance at church! 64! And when I first got here to Bangui the attendance was 30 so it has been really joyful to see the area progress and I love it. Elder D and I had a baptism this week. Elder D baptised him and that was his first time baptising somebody and he did such a great job. Elder D is the man and I am way bummed that we are about to have differnet companions pretty soon. We are just trying to make the best of the next three weeks. Elder D is just the goofiest guy but way spiritual and just is the flat out man. 

Thank you mama for all that you do as my mama and I just want to let you all know that I am super happy right now here in the Philippines and it is crazy to think that I am so far away but because I am doing the Lords work and because the message that I have been so blessed to share is true, being away from home is 100 percent worth it. I know that if this was not the Lords work I would not be here, I would be at home with all of you but because that this is the truth and the Lords work he is literally walking with me every step of the day, if i am worthy for Him to be there. I have never felt more love in my life and not just from other people and their love for me or the love of God for me but I feel love for my brothers and sisters here in the Philippines. I have never felt this way about other people in my life. I am lucky and blessed to be a missionary, I cant explain the blessings that come from serving a mission but I owe it all to my Lord and truly do give all of it to Him because if it wasn't for Him I would not enjoy this mission or be so happy. I am happy and I love this mission and that is all from the Lord. God has a Gospel and he has teachings and when people abide by those teacings they are blessed beyond more then they can comprehend. 

I miss you all and truly I love you all:) 

Happy Days, All is Well

Elder Clark

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  1. Hello! Don't you just love it that they can just rattle off in Tagalog? My daughter's also serving in the Philippines. Looks like your son gives you a translation. Thank goodness! My daughter will give me half and then forget to translate the rest. Ugh!

    Hey! I wanted to invite you to the new FB group for the families of Laoag missionaries: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Laoagfamilies/

    Hope you and your family will consider joining us!