Monday, September 23, 2013

Safe through the typhoon

Wow pops thanks for the great email I just do'nt know where to start. I guess first with the questions you asked me. So, the food here in the Philippines is delicious and let me tell ya dad, you will love these philippino dishes! I will have to make ya a lil somethin when i get back! I will start training on Friday so I haven't received my new companion yet and we dropped off Elder M, my companion at Laoag today because he is the new office elder. So right now me, Elder G and Elder G are a 3 companionship and me and Elder G leave tomorrow morning to Laoag for trainers training. I am super excited for sure but I am a little nervous I guess. Elder G is getting a follow up trainer and I guess he is just a big Samoan guy so I get to come back to Bangui to see Elder G and his new huge Samoan companion haha. Life is so great dad. I have received 2 packages now total so no worries I know all the packages will get here. Thank you mama for your diligence with that and sending off my medicine! Back to the food, the weirdest thing i have eaten is probably boiled cow skin or maybe dugo dugo which is meat cooked in pigs blood and only pigs blood. Dugo in tagalog is blood.
This week has been really crazy, we went to Laoag on Wednesday for a big zone conference with 5 zones and I was able to see Elder T my MTC companion! That really made my day! I love that guy so flippen much. Anyways, the zone conference was an all day thing really and it was a big training with president and we had to do a bunch of practice teaching, I actually was called up to do a practice teaching in front of the Elders and Sisters and I was really nervous and then right as I sat down the thought came to my head to just listen to the spirit and so that is what I did, and not one time in the lesson do I remember thinking about the elders and sisters who were watching and I just was zoned in with my companion and the investigators and the spirit and it was so strong and I don't know it, was just a really cool experience for me.
After the zone conference we were fed a bunch of great food and went home and then we worked all day Thursday and we worked only a half day Friday because of the huge typhoon and then we didn't get to work all day Saturday because of the big typhoon. Lets just say when it rains it rains and the winds were going crazy. It was a little scary but as long as we were inside it was fine. The weather stopped good enough for church on Sunday and then we had a baptism on Sunday and that was super great. It was supposed to happen Saturday but the weather postponed it haha.
Dad thank you for being a missionary and sending RB back with your testimony and a Book of Mormon. I love that kid so much and I know he has such a good heart truly. He is a good man and has a ridiculous amount of potential and with all that potential and with that big heart, there is just one thing missing, he has forgotten that he has a loving father in heaven who wants the very very best for him. What a blessing it is to know that literally God created this earth and created us and sent us to the earth and he has a plan for us here on earth to be able to return to live with him in his presence. One of the biggest things I have learned on my mission is that sometimes we just need to take a step back and get our head out of the worldly things and think about what truly matters. I do love this Gospel with all my heart and I know that these days are very hard but they are a lot easier when you have God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost as your back up. That is the strongest back up we could ever have. Through Gods plan for us we feel happiness, joy, peace, comfort, guidance, and much more and that is what truly everyone is looking for and wants in their life. I am blessed to be able to share this message with  these people here in the Philippines.

My family sounds like they are doing great, I have like no time to write again but I love you all and thank you dad for the great email. Coop I am way proud of you and I love you all my siblings, I hope you all know that! Sige po mahal ko kayo at kita kits dating lingo. love ya!

Elder Clark
Happy Days all is well

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