Sunday, September 15, 2013

September 8, 20143

Wow I really cant express how much I love my family. For real, I love you all so flippin much and I just smile everytime I read these emails. First off kayley and Tanner wrote me a great email today and that really made me feel good:) and also of course Colbies email was great because it always is! And mama you always send great emails and you are great at keeping me up to date with everthing.
 I am happy for my family and all that is going on! Blessings come as we are obedient. D&C 82 :10 I am bound when ye do what i say but when ye do not what I say I have no promise. He wants to bless us everyday and all we have to do is obey and if we do, he will bless us because he has promised those blessings to us if we obey but if we dont, there is no promise. That scriptue is Tanners favorite i am pretty sure ahah..
Hey i will send pics next week these computers wont let me send pictures!

So para sa akin, buhay ko ay sobrang maganda at mahal ko and phillipnies talaga and lahat ng tao dita rin. so this says haha so for me my life is so wonderful and I really love the Philippines and all the people here too. I have probably said that in every email but its true, for real, i love it here and I love the people even more.  Everyone says that Bangui is the hardest part of the mission and that is why there wasn't missionaries here for a long time because there was no progression. I am so happy i was able to open this area up with Elder M.  We truly have been so blessed by the Lord and he wants his work to progress here in Bangui and it is really showing. Bangui has not had a lot of baptisms for a really long time and I dont know why Elder M and I are being so blessed but we have had 5 baptisms and 1 this coming up Saturday and 6 more in the next month. The hardest part about getting baptisms here is getting them to church because they need to go to church 4 times before baptisms and they have to be in a row haha. well 4 out of 5. You can miss one. IT is really important here for them to gain a testimony of going to church. Anyways, I love it here in bangui and the Lord is blessing us and the people here are really warming up to us. Also a big project of ELder M and I has been to reactivate the less actives and we decided on 3 to start with that are men and priesthood holders and they used to be very active and one actually was the old branch president. Anyways, we have gotten with the Lords help, 2 out of 3 back and the 3rd is really close. You have no idea how much this has helped our branch here, we went from like 40 members a sunday to now pushin 60 and A lot because of these 2 less actives who have returned because now they are working with us and helping us reactivate other less actives.
I dont really know what to talk about becasue all i do is missionary work haha but yeah I can tell you this, I truly feel Gods love for me everyday and It feels so good and my life is really good and the spirit is strong and present in all of our lessons
Mama, I have recieved one of the packages so thank you so much i really appreciate it:) The new white shirt was way needed and the Rittle Skittles are really masarap (delicious) haha
So tagalog is great even though so hard. I can speak pretty well but i am far from fluent but the Gift of Tounges is true that is for real and very amazing.
Really quick i want to bear my testimony that truly The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true Church of God.  I am blessed to have been born in this Church and to have a testimony in it. I also know that our message and this Gospel is hard to believe and understand right at first because lets look at the facts, Joesph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and through Joesph Smith God restored his Church back on the Earth and most importantly his Authority to baptise and much more. THis is a hard message to believe 100 percent right off the get go, but the beauty of it all is that we can pray to our Heavenly Father and ask if it is true and he will tell us that it is true through beautiful feelings in our hearts through the power of the Holy Ghost. I am a witness, that I know that this Church is true and is Gods Church here today on the Earth because I have prayed and I have read the Book of Mormon and I can't deny the love the happiness the guidance  that I have felt through the Holy Ghost and i know for a surety in my heart mind and whole body that this Church is the true Church of God.
Happy Days, All is Well
Elder Clark:)

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