Monday, September 16, 2013

Sept. 15

 SO coop had a big run huh? 76 yards is a workout and a half for sure that is a great run. Coop your 2 and 0!! thats a great start little brother! I will send Jackson a little email for sure I bet he is pretty shaken up but good thing Jackson is the biggest stud on the Earth, i know he will be alright.
Happy Days all is well here in Bangui still. I am little nervous because Elder M is leaving and I gotta train but he has trained me well so i know I will be fine for sure. This is our last week together as companions and we have 1 baptism coming up this Saturday and we just said we are going to try and make it a really great successful fun week before he leaves Bangui. The work I feel like has kind of taken a turn here in Bangui, we re-split the area so the other Elders have more ground now to take and we are booted out to more of the Jungle types of areas so we decided to start working in the Jungle type of areas when I get my new companion because right now we are super busy just in Central Bangui and in the bigger little city type areas. It is really hard to explain how things work here in the Philippines with like cities and towns and transportation and stuff haha. I am way excited for this next transfer to train and just work more. It will be fun to go to some areas where missionaries have never been before. There are about 6 little barrangays (mini towns) haha that missionaries have never gone to. There is probably 350 people in each one. I dunno for sure but people just kinda live where ever here, i just have to go find them!!! As a companion with Elder M we have been lucky and most of the people we have taught have been through referrals so really referrals are just way easier because finding can be really difficult but it looks like i am about to do a lot of finding but thats okay because i can finally speak the language alright so i will be able to talk with people... 

Anyways for some reason today i am just way hyper so I am sorry if the email was really random but for real I know i say this all the time but I love the mission and everything that comes with it, even if it is washing my own clothes by hand haha. I was going to share a really cool story that happened this week but I have no time, I will share it next week, it was just with one of our investigators:) Anyways I know that Jesus Christ lives and that because of him we are able to feel not just any happiness but the happiness of God and for me that is one of the greatest blessings in my life. I love being able to feel true happiness. 

Mahal ko kayo lahat at sana magkakaroon kayo ay na Mabuting Linggo! INgat Kayo 

Happy days, all is well
Elder Clark

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