Monday, September 2, 2013

Sept 2, 2013

Hey pops, man it is so good to hear from my dad! I sure do love you dad!. I am so happy to hear of all the blessings going on at home and I know that the Lord is blessing you all everyday. Life is so good! I am way pumped for coop and the team! I am glad they are looking good i know coop will have a bunch of fun this year. Honestly that is the biggest part about it is to just play hard and enjoy and love the game you are playing and if you do that, then success comes. I will be honest, I do miss sports and just being able to ball haha! they play a lot of ball here in the Pines but we haven't as an apartment yet but pinoys love playing bball for sure! I don't have a bunch of time to email this week because i had to do another thing online for the President but I am way happy to hear about my siblings, they are all so amazing and so talented. I am excited for Mac and J to be in a house, that is so exciting and they are probably gonna get that baby room all decorated cool haha mac is gonna love being a mama for sure. Tanner and Kayley i miss from time to time because i spent a lot of time with them this last year ahaha but I know they are missin me too. I love Bret & Chels and miss Nik Nak so much. Coop is just my little brother who i love so much and i am proud of him and my mama and pops, you two are awesome and even though it is a lil weird hearing you say you are just so so so in love with mama, it truly is amazing and a big example to all of us. One thing that has really been drilled into my head since the mission is just how much i have learned from home and from my family and how blessed i have been to be raised in a home that i was raised in and how blessed i am for being taught all that i was taught. You two prepared me so well for the mission and i am very grateful for that. There are a lot of missionaries who really struggle out here but i truly have been prepared and I am blessed for that.

So i am still in Bangui and I still am loving it. The people here are just great even though sometimes real stubborn. We have a bunch of great potential investigators that we are going to visit this week and i am way pumped. So last week our whole apartment got sick and we were out of work for a day which really frustrated me because i just felt like a waste of a missionary but its all good because i am healthy and back at it now. So transfers are in 4 weeks and we had interviews with President this week and he basically just layed out some of my future for me, and he said that I will be training in 4 weeks and that I will also be the district leader here and he said that he really likes missionaries like me hahaha so yeah I am a little nervous to train and i was not expecting to be a district leader either but I am excited, it will be fun and I know that the Lord will give me the strength to do it. President B is a very funny man and he loves his missionaries and he really just lays out your future during the interview and he cracks a lot of jokes and just makes you feel good inside. He is a great President i am really blessed. Well I took some money out my account from home, i think about 120 dollars but I am not totally sure! Just letting you know:)

The language is seriously really coming along and I can speak tagalog and I am really being blessed. Elder M makes me lead the lessons and lead our area which I really like because It gives me a good challenge. Anyways I have to go but I love you all so much and Family: Missionary work is for everyone so please try your best to do your missionary work there at home, and I know that you will be blessed i can promise you that. 

Elder Clark

Ingat Kayo

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