Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February 17

Family:) Gosh I miss and love you all so much! Dad thank you for writing me this email and taking the time to do it from your heart. I feel the Saviors love for me as I read my emails from my family and friends. I love this Gospel so much and the feelings that I feel right now are of great joy because I know the Atonement of Jesus Christ has healed us as a family. If you think about it and the things we have gone through as a family, the decisions that we have made that have really effected each other and the things that have happened to us that really effected us as a family just seems so simple now. I was reading Preach my Gospel the other day and there is one sentence in there that says something like this,, every family needs the the Gospel of Jesus Christ because the Gospel of Jesus Christ is his atonement and the atonement heals us and our families. When I read this I really started tearing up and it hit me super hard because I have a strong testimony of the Atonement and I know that it healed my family. If we had no Atonement of Jesus Christ in our lives I do not know where our family would be and all I do know is that we would be unhappy and lost and we would be wandering looking where to go. But, if we think about what we have been through as a family over really the last 10 years............... how is it that I am on a mission serving the Lord and happy as can be? How is it that Tanner served a faithful mission and now is married in the temple to Kayley who is such an amazing girl. How is it that Chelsie and Bret are sealed in the Temple and they have beautiful Nikelle and a baby on the way? How is it that Mac and Jordan found each other when they did and got sealed in the temple and now have a baby girl? How is it that Mom and Dad are closer then ever and so in love and best friends. How is it that Cooper is finally the one Clark boy who didn't hurt himself in high school so he could actually play college ball? hahaha jk but for real Cooper is obedient and such an amazing young man. But really how is it that our family is so close and happier then ever? Our family was pretty close to losing itself and breaking but the best thing about it is when we were at our lowest point we were lifted up and we all changed........... and the change that happened in all of our lives was the Atonement of Jesus Christ and I know that the feelings and love we feel right now as a family can last forever as we all try every day to use and understand the Atonement of Jesus Christ in our lives. I am so grateful for my family and it blows my mind to know all the blessings are family is receiveing right now in our lives. I am so so so very grateful for this Gospel and I am blessed to have a family that I am sealed to for time and all eternity. I love my family truly with all my heart and I am proud of everyone of you . Thank you for everything that you do for me and I love you all and I know you are all doing great things right now in your lives and I really miss you too!!!

I do wanna give a lil shout out to Coop...... Coop dawg you are awesome and I am jealous that you get to go play college ball, that is so dope and I will for sure be watching you play when i get the chance:) I love you lil brother and I know that you are making a great decision with the team you picked and also with serving the Lord first. You are going to love the mission so much more the playing college ball I can promise you that and I am sure college ball is so fun but gosh coop, the mission is the best life you can live as a not yet married young man hahaha 

I remember when Tanner said that he wanted to get married pretty quick after he got home and I don't blame him because the mission prepares you really for your whole life ahead and I agree with him and feel the same way. The only difference between me and Tanner is that he still had to find his baby girl after he returned home..... for me on the other hand I wont have to find my baby girl when I get home....... I'll just have to wait for her:) 

I want to share one story with you....... we taught this family a long time ago with elder T and me and our lesson about 2 months ago was really really good and super powerful and we tried for about 4 weeks to teach them again but we could never find the right time to meet with them which was really to bad because they are so awesome and it is a family of 7 like ours! Anyways, I felt the impression to go there again the other night with Elder V and we went there and the whole family was there but there was no dad so we couldn't teach because we didn't have a male with us either so it wasn't allowed for us to teach them. But the cool thing is that the mom was like listen we prayed about the message and we love listening to you elders will you please share with my family and I asked well where is your husband and she said that he is out drinking and she said that he is always out drinking. And then I looked at these five kids and they all just had this sadness to them that there dad was out drinking but they really wanted us to share with them. We really wanted to share with them but it just wasn't allowed and the mama said again, okay if you cant share with us please just pray with us, please just pray right now here in my home with my kids. This mama was like begging for hope and happiness and she just knew in her heart that the message we held was true and would give her happiness. SO, we said yes of course we will say a prayer here with your family and I was given the great opportunity to say the prayer and by the end of the prayer when it was over the spirit was so strong in the room and the kids had smiles on their faces and the mama had water in her eyes and they just were very happy. Later that week we shared with them again and they loved it and the committed to come to Church this Sunday so we are really excited for them all and we love them, they all have baptismal dates except the dad but we will get the dad too:) 

I love the Gospel and I know it is true and I love the spirit and I love happiness and I will always follow Gods commandments because it is the way to have happiness in ourselves and in our families and so much more. 

Prayer is powerful

Happy Days, All is Well

Elder Clark
Oh ya mama and dad i have been meaning to tell you this for a lot of emails now....... I sing a lot in the mission. I sing at zone meetings or zone confrences and me and Elder Taivia did a lot of singing together and i sing at baptisms or at church and it has been a huge blessing to be able to use my voice here in the mission. I am grateful to be able to sing here and the people love it and the mission loves it. I just thought you would like me to share that with you :)

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