Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February 23

Hello Family:) so I am glad coop dawg is playing Rugby, he will like that a lot better for sure and it makes sense.

I am super happy right now as for missionary work because everything here is really just starting to fall together and the Lord is blessing us so much. The pictures of the family are so good and I love seeing pictures of everybody, everyone looks so big and old now it is kinda weird. Like the pictures of the cousins kinda trip me out to be honest but i love the picture of nik nak and Chelsie:) they both are so beautiful and i love them so much. Here in the philippines is is a big deal to respect your older siblings and honestly my respect and love for all my siblings and just family in general has grown so much since i have been in the Philippines. I wish that i could serve a mission for like 3 years and not just 2. two years is not long enough and it goes by so fast and I just want to be an outstanding missionary in teaching and just in everything and i know that 2 years just isnt enough time hahahaha i just have so much still to learn and I love being a missionary. For example, I get the chance to plan for these investigators in my studies and just have all my studies be specifically for my investigators and i think about what they need to understand and what they need to do and then i make a lesson plan with them and think about what questions i could ask and how i want to use this scripture to help this person and then in companionship study we talk about the lesson plans we have made because he plans for half and i plan for half and then we talk about how we really want to do this lesson and we come up with this amazing lesson plan for this investigator and then we go to work and we teach that person that we pray for and plan for and we just feel this crazy amount of love for this one person and we feel the spirit and we give the message and we commit them to whatever and then they just cant wait for us to come back and it just is amazing. This last sunday 3 of our investigators got interviewed for baptism and they all passed, so we are going to have 3 baptisms on Saturday and we cant wait. 

One of the 3 is the lady that hadnt been visited by missionaries for 8 years but before her husband died he said that she should not join any church except mormons and then she had never been visited for 8 years! until us:) I met her with Elder T and we just fell in love with this lady, she seriously is the most amazing lady i have ever met and she is so flippin funny and so kind. She has had a lot of issues but we have solved all her problems with the help of the Lord of course and now she will be baptised on Saturday and she asked me to baptize her and I seriously cant wait because i love this Nanay so much!!! we are going to teach her later so i am excited. 

Coop:) happy birthday big boy i love you:) guess whos birthday it is too! its elder V my companions birthday haha they have the same birthday so i celebrated coops bday too but just for my companion haha. Me and ELder V are way close now and we finally fell in love with each other and now there just is no wrong haha it is just like living with a brother which is super good.

I have a great story that really strengthened my testimony of priesthood power. so we have this recent convert and her name is ____ and she is 15 years old and she is probably one of the most humble girls i have met and she is so kind and super active in the church and cant wait to go on a mission. Anyways, she has this disease that she faints randomly and will have seizures and then when she wakes up she wont know her name or really anything but she faints about once a week and then she just randomly seizures. ya can you imagine having a problem like that every week? Anyways I have never had the chance to give her a blessing but other missionaries have and members have before and it always helps her feel better for sure. But, about 4 weeks ago she had a pretty bad seizure and she fainted as well and she woke up was very very confused and she couldnt really speak but this was the first time i was around when she had fainted and i was the closest priesthood holder around, well me and ELder V but anyways she needed a blessing and her brother who is 14 said, hey will you give her a blessing and so we did and Elder V anointed her with oil and I gave the blessing and in the blessing i felt a big prompting to tell her that she will not faint again and that she will not have a seizure again and that she will be healed but i didnt listen and then i felt it again and i didnt say it still and then i felt it again and then i said it and told her that she will be healed and she will not faint or seizure again as long as she stays obedient to Gods commandments, she will not ever have this problem again. Well after the blessing she smiled and i didnt think much of it but i saw her and talked to her yesterday and I asked her how she was doing and she told me she hadnt fainted or seizured since i gave her a blessing and also she said that her body and mind feel different that it has ever felt before and she said that she feels healed......... She has been having the faints and seizures for about 10 years now and now she says that she is healed. The priesthood is real and I know that if the priesthood Holder is worthy to use the power of God, then he can heal people. The power of God is real and we are so blessed to have the priesthood restored back on the earth today. 

Also one more comment/story. we had a earthquake in the house the other day it was super cool, the whole house shook for about 15 seconds but then it stopped but it was the first time i had really felt an earthquake, it was cool.

Anyways i love you all and i just want to testify to you all that I know i am in the right place in my life right now and i love this Gospel because it blessed families:)

HAppy days all is well:)

Elder Cory Austin Clark

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