Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February 9, 2014

Hi mom:):):):):):):):) hahah of course mama i am feeling great, i told you i was a missionary of God right? 

We went hiking to the caves today and it was so sick! We literally went walking in the middle of the rain forest forever with this tour guide and found these huge caves that had like the smallest entrance that only little filipenos can fit inside of but somehow i fit inside of the entrance as well. IF i was still with Elder T haha i would have been waiting outside with him because he is huge and for sure could not have fit. But anyways, the caves were super cool, i have never relly been insde a cave like what i was in today. The entrance was super dooper small but then after the 10 ft entrance of crawling it just led into this huge chambers of crystals and just caves and a bunch of bats were flying around. It was a really cool P-day for sure. I took a lot of pictures so i hope you like them! 

There is one picture of me hanging on some branches and i just want to explain to you that those are branches like in the movie tarzan haha so that was cool too. The phillipines is probably the most beautiful place on earth.  The people here have like no money or really anything but they do have a beautiful place to live. 

My week has been really great but i have no time to email so i am gonna go short with it. One cool story would probably be that I was able to go down to laoag like i said in the last email and i was able to spend 2 and 1/2 days as Elder T as my companion again. I seriously love Elder T so much and we were able to just get super close over the last two days with each other and he has changed so much since the MTC in a really good way and we taught together and that was so flippen cool because in the MTC we knew like no tagalog and couldn't teach at all but now we just taught together all in taglalog and just taught a great lesson so it was a really speacial experience honestly for me. Elder T is a great friend and I cant wait for you all to meet him because he is crazy haha. 

Also the investgators from the far away area that we taught all outside....... They came to church this sunday so we had a bunch of Investigators at church which was really cool to see as well. We just gotta help them continue the journey:)

Elder V and I have finally bonded. The first week we just never clicked and then these last couple of days we just bonded big time and we are way tight with eachother for sure. He is the man and way humble and I love that. he is a super big example to me and helps me alot with the work.

 I don't speak english anymore haha!  kinda wierd huh? I do speak it throughout the day sometimes but probably 80 percent of my day is in tagalog. I only speak english with Elder P at night who is the other white guy. 

I am super happy the family is together for the weekend and i know you will really enjoy that time with each other. I am super happy as well that colbie is apart of that because she is awesome haha. as much as i love the mission work and love the feelings i get to feel every day as a missionary, i also miss my family and my beautiful girl there at home, but dont worry haha i am far from homesick, the last thing i wanna do is go home. I honestly wish the philippines could just be America because it is so great here. 

Anyways I am sorry I gotta go and I am sorry the email is not good at all but just know that I am happy and feel the Saviors love in my life everyday and one big thing that I have learned this week that I just have really been trying to apply it in my life everyday is Charity..... if you are going to it from your heart. if your are going to be nice... do it from your heart.. if you are going to pray.. pray from your heart.. ..... because if it is not from the heart it profiteth us nothing. Everything from the heart because if its not from the heart then it doesnt matter.

life is so good

happy days all is well:):)

Elder Clark

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