Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February 2

Mac and J:):):):):) my niece is beautiful and I know heavenly father is way happy to send Olivia down to you in order for her to have a mommy and daddy:)............I didnt cry..... okay maybe i cried a little bit but it is just because family is the coolest thing on earth. The second grandchild, and she is gorgeous. 

Mama thank you for the time to send me this email, it was way great and it made me smile haha even cry! Life is still great and even though i was sick as crap the last like 4 days, i am still okay and happy. 

So when ELder T left i was actually pretty sad because we got super close and were way tight. Like for real i could have been his companion for the whole mission ahah but anyways its all good. But.... Elder V is way great too and we are starting to bond which is good. he grew up in manilla and the richest part of Manilla, so he is pretty much american ahaha. He speakes fluent englsih with no accent and in my opinion he is better in english then tagalog. He is way hardworking though and he is super good in teaching and thats a big help to me. 

So thursday night for the last like 3 hours of work i just had  a fever and then when i got home after work my fever was 102 and then i went to sleep and woke up the next day and it was at 100 so i thought that i was probably getting better so i went out and worked the whole day and I was fine in all my lessons, like i felt normal while i was teaching but if i wasnt in an appointment i thought i was gonna die haha. and then finally my fever went away but i just had like horrible pooping problems and I lost my voice somehow and now i feel like i am just getting a little better. It was a little rough week but its okay haha it was still really great.

We held a district meeting on thursday and the zone leaders said they were super blown away with the training i gave and they said it was really powerful so that made me super happy because that was my first training that i had ever given. They made me feel super good about it for sure haha.

Thank you for all the pics, i really wanna send i bunch of pics as well so i am gonna try to do that haha.

I leave to Laoag actually in about 1 hour because they are holding a Distirct Leader Training so all the Dls have to go so I get to travel down to Laoag which is like 8 hours away but the greatest thing about it is that i will be on exchanges with another missionary for the two days i am down there so guess who companion will be fore the next 2 to 3 days haha......... ELDER T haha my companion from the MTC so i am way excited for sure, it will be fun no doubt. 

I dont have to much to say except that we just had a bunch of investigators at church which hopefi\ully means a bunch of baptisms soon:) The Lord is soo good to his missionaries and i am super blessed truly. 

Fun facts: i saw Elder De Alday today, the elder i trained and that was way awesome to see him. 
I am super super skinny because i just am and my shirts and pants are big on me.

I really dont have much to say today haha maybe it is becaues i still feel pretty cruddy but hey i love you all so much and thank you all for everything you do:) 


happy days all is well

Elder Clark

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